Thursday, September 03, 2009

Her Burden to carry

I got all of this story second-hand, so take it for what its worth...

The oldest daughter was taking the dog for a walk and on this walk, the dog produced a bowel movement. We equip ourselves with plastic bags for just this kind of event and so the girl used one to pick-up after the dog. Then, she tied the bag onto the dog's collar and made the poor pooch carry it home.

Naturally, my wife gave the girl some grief when she found out about this. The girl was her usual self-righteous self: "It was her burden to carry momma"! The dog walked home with her head held low, looking dispirited.

I felt bad for the dog but amused by the girl. A guy I run with thought my daughter was reasonable in this business.

We will only punish her if she does it again.

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