Sunday, October 25, 2009

A hard day after an easy one...

Yesterday, I did little more than make a pot of spaghetti sauce. My wife made some meatballs and these together will be the main course for dinner next Saturday (before the marathon).

Today I did more:

--I ran 11.8 miles for my last longish run before the race.

--The whole family decided it would be fun to all walk into the town center for some ice cream. It is two miles each way on the bike path.

--Once we got home, I ran the mower over fallen leaves for a little more than an hour.

I wanted to do some plastering today, but I'm done.

Yesterday's efforts...


Trooper York said...

What does running the mower do over the leaves? In the city we just sweep them up. In NYC you are required to put them in specail biodegradable bags or hold them unitl the mulch collector comes around. So I guess the mower just chops em up and mulches them.

Trooper York said...

Hey would that work on Trick or Treaters?

dbp said...

The leaves get ground-up very fine and then when it rains, they just kind of dissolve into the grass.

Our town will collect leaves that you pack into paper lawn bags but we have around 1/2 acre of trees and it would take scores of bags.

We have been enticing trick-or-treaters for years with goody bags featuring full sized candy bars. Still, with the houses far apart and the driveways being long, steep and dark, we barely get two dozen kids in a year--lazy b*****ds.