Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Odds and ends on a day off

It was raining buckets this morning when I took the girls to the bus stop, so I was contemplating either nixing my run or at least making it shorter today. Normally I would do 11-13 miles on my day-off so I figured I was slacking by doing just 6.

Before I left, I made some bread dough. Part of the reason was that pizza would make a good dinner tonight and the other part was that I was killing time hoping for the rain to stop--which it did.

I got on my work-out clothes and banged off a 6-miler at a high 7:30's pace. Not particularly fast for that distance but not so slow as to feel bad about it either. It got sunny and warm early in the run but then the last 5 minutes were a downpour.

Had to shower and dress in a hurry since we were meeting wife's parents for lunch. We got to the place at the same time they did. While eating, the sky cleared and it became (temporarily) a cloudless bright Autumn day.

After lunch, I ordered a 3/4 violin for Surenna, then baked two crusts for pizza and one pan of rolls with the remainder of the dough. After that I worked on the new office till dinner time. I was nailing up corner pieces before plastering the beams. At first I thought I got far too few pieces to complete the job, but then just when I was ready to knock-off, I discovered another tranche of material and had just enough to finish--an hour later.

Pizza for dinner with the in-laws.

Special bacon day! I had eggs and bacon for breakfast, bacon wrapped scallops salad for lunch and then mostly for completeness, I sprinkled bacon onto one of the pizzas. It was good in all of its settings. There is nothing bacon can't do!


Trooper York said...

Of course there is nothing Bacon can't do.

For crying out loud everybody knows that Bacon wrote Hamlet.

Or was that Omlet?

dbp said...

I'm pretty sure it was ham and cheese omlet, but will have to double check with wikipedia.