Monday, November 02, 2009

NYC Marathon 5k splits

nyc 1st 5k 3.1 23:10:00 7:28:23

Slowed down by the climb up the height of the bridge and the crowds.

nyc 2nd 5k 3.1 22:46:00 7:20:39

Not tired and trying to make up some time. This would end up being the fastest split.

nyc 3rd 5k 3.1 23:45:00 7:39:41

Getting a little tired.

nyc 4th 5k 3.1 24:17:00 7:50:00

Getting more tired.

nyc 5th 5k 3.1 25:38:00 8:16:08

God. Will Queens never end?

nyc 6th 5k 3.1 24:39:00 7:57:06


Crowds eight-deep, wide roads, yeah I had the energy to speed up a bit.

nyc 7th 5k 3.1 26:29:00 8:32:35

It gets old the further North you get, till the low point in the Bronx.

nyc 8th 5k 3.1 26:39:00 8:35:48

Can smell the finish. Too tired to actually speed-up but am able to not slow down as much as my body would prefer to.

3:28:41 is the final time. I should slack-off every time. I feel much better today than any other day after a marathon.

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