Sunday, February 21, 2010

The furniture re-arrangement chain-reaction

The Pappasan chair in our new home office never really fit in the space we had chosen for it. My wife had the idea that if one of the file cabinets could be moved, that this would help.

She spent a couple of hours moving all the stuff out of the file cabinet and I lugged it up to Dahlia's room, where it was re purposed into a toy box.

It didn't really help the Pappasan situation though, so we moved it to the living room where she had always thought we needed a bit more seating room anyway. So the living room had to be rearranged to accommodate this addition. This left us with no couch in the home office though.

We have two futons in the house. The downstairs one in the family room is the kind where the width of the couch form is the length of the bed conformation and so it was too big for the office. We have one which is used as Jemma's bed frame (she has a regular mattress on it) and it is the kind which folds out into three sections and so is love-seat sized when in couch format.

This upstairs futon was taken apart, hauled down and reassembled in the office. The cushion from the downstairs futon wouldn't fit on it though, since it is too plush. So the original thin futon mattress was hauled down from its place under Surenna's bed and installed on the office futon. The thicker mattress was too thick to slide under Surenna's bed, but we managed to get it under by lifting up on it until the futon mattress cleared the foot board.

The family room futon needed to go to Jemma's room and be used as a bed frame, but it is a really complicated design so we tried to bring it up without taking it apart first. We ended up taking it apart at the top of the stairs, where it was solidly stuck.

Every thing is put back together now, but let me tell you about my aching back...

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