Saturday, June 19, 2010

I knew it when we got them...

A couple of years ago we got another few window air conditioning units. When I opened up the box I saw that the ends of the electric cords came equipped with built-in circuit breakers. I thought to myself, "This will be the first thing to malfunction". Sure enough, today after putting in the second unit; the breaker would pop as soon as it was reset.

The basement got flooded this spring, only a few inches though and the electric parts of an air conditioning unit are a ways-up from the bottom. Still, it was possible water got in there and damaged something. I took the whole thing apart and all the electrical parts looked pristine. I disconnected the cord from the unit and sure-enough, it still popped the breaker even when separated from the unit.

I had a power cord from another air conditioner that died a few years ago and so I attached it and the unit runs fine now.

And yes, I do have some screws left-over now that the unit is all reassembled.


Trooper York said...

Happy fathers day dude!

dbp said...

Thanks! And right back atcha! Spent the day with kids and family, all of us, including the in-laws went to Toy Story 3 which was very good.