Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Banner Day

Two problems that had been festering have been fixed today:

The oven wasn't working and we had a guy out who fixed it by changing the igniter.

I chopped-down a dead pine tree in the front yard. Again, it was handy to have a large 4-wheel drive truck handy. The tree did not want to fall in the right direction and got hung-up on a maple tree. It was a good thing in a way since without the maple, the pine would have fallen right onto our power and phone lines.

I tied the bottom of the tree to the truck via chains, rope and tow cable and essentially pulled the carpet out from under the tree--The top of the tree is where the stump is and the trunk-end is now down by the road.

It all started-out so poorly too. I had a new chain for the saw, but it ended-up being too long (the package was stapled-shut, so maybe it is really a 22" chain) and it looks to be a pain to shorten it. Then, once I had got the old chain back on, the pull-cord broke. I was starting to get the feeling that Fate, did not want me meddling with trees, today.

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