Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3 Rolls

On a whim, yesterday I had my egg, cheese and bacon sandwich on a bulky roll rather than the usual English muffin. The rolls were really fresh, so I thought it would be good and it was.

I worked from home yesterday and went running on my lunch hour. I only had a couple of minutes therefore to put-together a lunch and all we had that was easy was some left-over pulled pork. Naturally, it would go on a roll. Roll number 2.

It was a broken night: Kids had dance lessons, wife had karate etc. The kids ate early and we ate late, like 9:00 PM. So we wanted quick and easy. We always keep frozen hamburger patties on hand, so that is what we had. The rolls were uncut and so this time I cut mine (#3 for the day) into thirds. The middle piece got toasted on both sides while the top and bottom got only their insides toasted. I went for the Big Mac effect with shredded lettuce, diced onions, dill pickle and thousand island dressing. It wasn't a Big Mac, but was Big Mac like enough that I was well pleased with it.

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