Saturday, March 05, 2011

Mystery Woman in Old San Juan

It was a hot day. A hot day of trudging the tourist infested streets of old San Juan Puerto Rico. Things got interesting when a cool woman in a dark outfit walked into my life.

Actually, she was with me the whole time. Later we took the three kids to a place for some milk shakes.


Trooper York said...

When we went on the cruise we walked all around old San Juan. I bought a cool hat and made a video about it that I might post soon.

I even saw a spot where I could put a Lee Lee's Valise. And I have someone who wants to run it for me.

How cool would that be?

dbp said...

That would be super-cool! It would give you an excuse to make many tax-deductible trips to PR. We had a great time and must have been there only a couple of weeks after you.