Thursday, July 14, 2011

If I Was A Numerologist

Which I am not! Today would have been significant somehow:

I ran during my lunch break, per normal and my time came out to exactly 32 minutes. A one in 60 chance of that happening. This was 4.15 miles in case anybody cares.

Later, I went out to get milks and got a few other things which caught my eye: The list, from memory: One gallon of 1%, half gallon of whole milk, a pineapple, some mushrooms, a wedge of brie, a half gallon of apple juice (not from concentrate) and a bag full of Hood's version of popcycles. The total was $32 exactly. A one in a hundred chance of this happening.

The combined probability is just 60 X 100 = 600, so it is pretty rare, but not like getting hit by lightning.

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