Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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We saw a couple of movies on-demand in the last few days and they couldn't have been more different from each other. The first was Sucker Punch and was what one might expect from Zack Snyder; very stylized, pretty to look at, images fraught with meaning etc. The other was Arthur, not the original with Dudley Moore but the new one with Russell Brand. This version was like the original in that it was light entertainment and had a main character that you should hate, but is played with such winning whimsey, that you can't help but root for him.

In each of the films, serious commentary could be made, but I am just here to note the trivia...so.

In Sucker Punch, there was a scenario where things needed for an escape were obtained through a series of 'missions' which occurred in a kind of dream-within-a-dream state. Which involved dancing--which we don't get to see. The 'mission' for getting a knife went wrong and yet later, when the knife was needed, the heroine had it stashed away with the other things they had obtained. A second gripe which I feel rather childish in pointing out is that the young women who were working to escape the asylum were all beautiful and wore costumes that were rather slutty, yet they somehow were not as sexy as the preceding two facts would lead one to expect.

In Arthur, there were a couple of food-related things that were funny in the movie, yet still had me wondering about. The father of the girl Arthur loves made a cup of tea for Arthur's fancy older woman servant (played winningly by Helen Mirren). She took a sip of the beverage and confessed to the girl that it "tasted like sewage". Now, making tea consists in pouring hot water over a tea-bag. How wrong can anyone get this? In another two parts of the movie SpaghettiOs® are featured. Arthur is introduced to them by the girl and later, when Arthur is taking care of his sick servant, he serves her some. The servant disparaged the meal, but ate it nonetheless. I figured they could have mined this a bit.

Servant: What is this?

Arthur: SpaghettiOs®

Servant: They really ought to call these Spaghetti-naughts

Or something along those lines--hey, I'm an amateur blogger not a big time comedy writer!

Along the food, pop-culture nexus, now that this post has evolved in that direction. My wife came home the other day with something called Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain Bread.

Naturally, I took to calling it "Zeke bread", which reminded my wife that people in The Walking Dead had been referring to something as "Zeke". Being up on zombie lore, I knew immediately that they mean Z=Zeke=Zombie. I just read World War Z, so I am an expert.

Health-conscious zombies are quite fond of whole brain foods.

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