Friday, June 08, 2012

Early Preview of Schedules to Come

Each of the three girls goes to a different school: The youngest to elementary school, where they only deal with pure things like Iron and Oxygen and no messy compounds like water or trans-fatty acids. The middle goes to, wait for it, middle school. And the oldest is in high school. Next school year, the youngest will be going to middle school, so there will be just two batches of kids to send off rather than three.

The preview is that my wife took the youngest to a wedding in LA and so I had only the two eldest to get on their way. Once the middle schooler went out the door I had two hours to kill before having to start work. Wow! It opened up such a nice big chunk of day.

I remember when I had to drop all three off at daycare,-three different places, on the way to work. Work which I had to be at an hour earlier than my current job. Things have essentially improved steadily since then. Schedule wise.

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