Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Everything Back To Normal and A New Beginning

Back to Normal:

I finally got my car back today after it being in the body shop for two weeks.  It wasn't too bad since we have a 3rd vehicle, a GMC Yukon XL that normally only gets out for family vacations and hauling things.

Also nice was that the shop is close enough that I could easily ride my bicycle down there and not  inconvenience  my wife with having to drop me off.

The ride seemed nicely smooth and sporty after driving the truck for two weeks.  Also, the shop detailed the car to the point that it looked better than when I picked it up from the dealer new. One gripe is that on my errands today it rained.  It seems like it always does this whenever one of the cars is freshly waxed.

A New Beginning:

In anticipation of turning 50, my plan was to get weights and start to pick them up to avoid muscle loss from aging.  Now more than 6 months past that point, I have finally gotten the weight set.  It is just a barbel, which is 45 lbs by itself and an additional 255 lbs of plates.  My plan is to lift the empty bar three times in the first week and then add five lbs each week until I can't lift it.  My thinking is that I really don't have time for a long workout and so 5 minutes of clean and jerk will have to do.  The first week is mostly done and I am happy to report that I can lift the awe-inspiring weight of 45 lbs over my head.

Update:  A few weeks in now and the weight is up to 65 lbs.  It is still pretty much effortless but I'm sure the end is near.  I got headaches the first couple of weeks; probably soreness in unfamiliar areas leading to tension.

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