Monday, July 22, 2013

I Would be Less Likely To Wash My Hands

If I had to do it right in front of a urinal--maybe especially so if there was a queue.

Both the author of the NPR article as well as the inventor of the device make the claim that this arrangement will encourage hand washing.  I think most men will be skeeved-out by standing in front of a stinky urine receptacle while washing.

I like the idea of using the same water for two uses but maybe the idea could be salvaged:  How about making the sink offset so that you are not right over the urinal when hand washing?  They could be made left and right handed and installed alternately.  This way it would be two sinks, then two urinals, then two sinks.  The ends of each row would be be either a single sink or a single urinal.

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