Monday, September 30, 2013

Hat Trick or Troika Monday

There are three things I do which are health-related:

1. Starting on Sunday, I run every day until I have run at least 30 miles. Then I take off from running until the next Sunday. I normally have Saturday off, Friday is fairly common and every once in a while, I have Thursday off too.

2. I fast on Monday and Thursday. This might move around depending on my schedule--If I have to go out to dinner on one of those days or if it is Thanksgiving, then I might skip it or move it up or down a day.

3. I weight-lift every other day.

Being Monday, running is essentially inevitable and fasting is normally scheduled on Monday. The wild-card is lifting, which being every other day should fall on half of Mondays. When it doesn't fall on a Monday it will fall on a Thursday, so the only way of avoiding this triple "fun" every week is to make sure I have 30 miles logged by Wednesday.

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