Friday, October 24, 2014

Two Pans Three Times Each

Wednesday was moderately successful but I was most happy with my conservation of pan usage.

I had fried eggs for breakfast and left the pan on the stove because I knew it would be used again.

Later, I went out to get chili fixings since my wife intended to make a batch for the CC final meet. She had asked for two lbs of ground beef but all the packages were around 1 & 1/4 each, so I got two and figured we could have hamburgers for lunch.

After an 11 & 1/2 mile barefoot run (sub 8)in light misting, in spite of heavy rain forecast for the day, I made the burgers in the pan.

The second pan is deployed:

After a shower, I decided to make some applesauce since we still have tons of fruit from when we went picking weeks ago. In an hour and a half of peeling and chopping, I used up half the apples and half way filled our largest stockpot with apples. While they were stewing, I browned some Italian sausage in the fry pan for lasagna. Once the apples were stewed and mashed, they were packaged into jars we get peaches in from Costco. Then the same pan was rinsed and used to steam the apple jars for canning. 20 minutes later, it was filled to sufficient depth for lasagna noodle cooking. The pan is of sufficient girth that the noodles can be put into the water horizontally so the depth need only be a bit more than the noodle width.

Each pan used three times!

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