Thursday, January 29, 2015

What Do Non-Handy People Do?

We received about 33 inches of snow in the blizzard of 2015 and I waited until the snow was done falling before clearing our driveway.

Early into the task, I noticed that the snowblower was not working as well as usual. One side of the first stage was dead.

The shear bolt on that side had, sheared. I have a lot of odds and ends around and felt confident that I could find something to fit. What I found was an actual shear bolt that was from a batch I bought ten years ago, the last time this happened.

It was somewhat tricky getting the remainder of the bolt out and the repair took about half an hour. This effort got me thinking, lots of people are not very handy. They certainly could effect the repair as I did, but they just wouldn't. They would not even consider trying.

The problem is that the snow machine is too heavy to pick-up and put into a vehicle, so it is not easy to take to a repair shop. Are there repair services that will come and fix your machine on-site? I suspect that people who cannot fix their own machines just hire people to clear their driveways.

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