Thursday, September 15, 2016

While I'm On The Topic of Sunglasses...

I have quite a few pair. This is because, for whatever reason, it is now near impossible to find ones with glass lenses. This is a, Problem For Me™. I don't care how durable the makers claim their plastic lenses are, they are not, not in my hands. Within moments they are unusable nicked, faded, abraded and shot. I keep them around though. Driving on bright days or a day at the beach requires something, even if it is shabby.

Well, I bought a really good pair of Ray-Bans and a quick phone web search at the time of purchase led us to believe they are glass. It is really hard to tell until or unless they scratch, so until they do there is some doubt about the construction. The other day, I grabbed the good ones and soon noticed all kinds of problems with the lenses. I was full of recriminations at having paid so dearly for what ended up being useless trash. What I didn't notice for a while was that these were a crappy older pair. The kicker is that I've done this more than once! The frames are a lot alike but I know that both pair exist. Why isn't my first assumption that I grabbed the wrong pair, rather than that my fancy new ones are damage-prone plastic lensed sunglasses?

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