Tuesday, April 08, 2008


While watching the TV show Psych the other night, I was reminded of something I have always thought regarding "psychics" who help the police.

In defense of the show--which I like, the main character is actually just very observant and only pretends to have psychic powers.

It seems really obvious to me that psychics (and to some extent anonymous tipsters) are just cover stories. It is easy to see lots of reasons why police would know who to investigate, but not want to give out that information. E.g. they may have an informant that they want to protect, or use again, etc.


datadawak said...

I do not watch the show (I don't think it is aired in Japan) and I do not know much about psychics, but I learned that a father of our son's soccer teammate can "see" ghosts. He holds a high up position in a reputable corporation and what he was telling my wife and me, he truly believes. He says that "ghosts" are everywhere and just the other day, he said that her daughter brought one home. or rather, a ghost followed her home and was standing at the house entrance for a while and finally left. To our relief, although those things are everywhere, they have no power to do anything to the living. He told us that he's been able to see them since he was a little boy.

Do you know anyone that can see them?

dbp said...

I have an aunt who is certainly the happiest person that I have ever met. She believes in this kind of thing qite a bit. She may be deluding herself, but there is always a bias that truth and beauty and happyness go together...

For myself, I have yet to see scientific evidence for any of it. It is well known that large cash prizes have been offered (and not collected so far), for scientific proof of any paranormal powers.

As a father, I cannot help but believe in miracles--I have three of them.