Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Running Log and after Dog

I did my usual day-off 9.5 miler today (after doing my taxes). I had a bit of an earlier run though, thanks to Meenah.

After taking the children to the bus stop, I normally allow Meenah some off-leash time in the fenced-in back yard. She loves to dash around and I think it makes her more calm later,-when she is in the house. I let her run around for 20-30 minutes but then she wouldn't come to me when I wanted to go in. The fence is not yet escape-proof, so I didn't want to leave her alone out there. I had to chase her down. She is very fast and can dodge well, but I kept her on the run and she has little endurance. I scooped her up in less than two minutes of chasing around.

In the afternoon I took her out again. This time I brought kibble that I could train her with. At first, on leash, I had her sit and wait to be called. Then I took her off leash, and had her do the same thing. Last, I let her wander, but would call her from time to time and she would come bounding over to me for a treat.


After a hard bit of running around...

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