Sunday, April 27, 2008

To the Races...

I am off to the Groton Road Race. Normally, the whole family would come to cheer me on, but today is chilly and rainy, so I will go alone.

This is perfect weather for racing, but not so good for spectators.

I don't feel as well-trained as last year, I will know in about 2 hours and 45 minutes from now.

UPDATE: I was overly optimistic about finding out that quickly. Oh I know from looking at the timer above the finish that I did roughly the same as last year, but they haven't posted (on their website) the official results yet--and the race finished like 8 hours ago...What is weirder is that they posted the results on paper at the event just as I was leaving. I saw the results but didn't bother to memorize them since I thought they would be on-line by the time I got home.

2nd Update: Cool running had the results! 57 340 DAVID PECCHIA 45 M 24/97 M4049 CHELMSFORD MA 44:34 7:11

Seven seconds faster than last year. Not much of an improvement but at my age I will settle for not doing worse!

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