Saturday, April 26, 2008

Finding stuff...

Yesterday, we got to the ISGM early--it opens at 11:00 AM. So we went across the street to the Fens and administered a snack to the girls.

As usual, Dahlia found coins on the ground--a penny and a nickel. Then Surenna found a dime and Jemma "found" a quarter; there is some suspicion that the quarter was planted for her to find it. If you know Jemma, a quarter is but a small price to pay to avoid the Götterdämmerung which would have taken place had she been the only sister to not find something.

Then I found something! The thing was glinting in the grass in arm's reach. I never thought it was a coin, due to the shape, I thought it might be a keyring. I got the ring part correct. It is a silver ring that says "Hope" on it. It looks like white gold or possibly tin, it doesn't have the tarnished look of actual silver.

I wore it on my little finger all day and then offered it to my wife on the drive home. She seems to like it, but in the past any jewelry that isn't gold eventually gives her a rash. Maybe her skin will tell us what metal the ring is made from.

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