Friday, December 26, 2008

Roast Beef Sandwich Au Jus

I love the period between Christmas and New Year's Day.

There are lots of days off to have a relaxing lunch at home and there is an ingredient available for a really great classic sandwich.

We normally will have a prime rib roast of beef for Christmas dinner, this is the perfect cut for Roast Beef Sandwich Au Jus.

It is simple to make: Just slice beef and place between bread. The hardest part is making the broth. Instant bouillon is easy and plenty good, but it is best is to use actual drippings from the roast itself.

A meal of sandwich, broth and either a beer or hard cider is perfection on a cold Winter day. Especially if one has just spent time out of doors skiing or sledding or splitting firewood.


Trooper York said...

I made a roast beef along with the usual italian stuff but I didn't get to eat much because I was cooking and serving and stuff. So at end of the night I made myself four roast beef sandwiches with onions and gravey. Oh man was that good eating.

dbp said...

Oh yeah, the end of the night is the best time for a little solo-feasting. Everybody has gone to bed or at least settled-down for the evening, order has been restored to the kitchen and time enough has passed since dinner that there is room in the stomach for more.

That is when you can really savor it.