Wednesday, January 14, 2009

He made some mistakes--but you know, bad luck favors the unprepared

Article and pictures from FoxNews

What did he do wrong, besides the whole financial fraud, cheating on his wife & etc. which necessitated this stunt?

1. He called an emergency while in flight. The problem with this is that authorities will be looking for you if you do that. In fact, Air Force pilots saw the empty plane with the door open--so they would have doubted his death even if the crash site was never found.

2. The plane made it another 200 miles on autopilot and landed in the Florida panhandle. Maybe the autopilot malfunctioned, or was unable to cope with aerodynamic stresses of having an open door in the plane. One would expect that Marcus Schrenker would have had the sense to set it so that the plane would run out of fuel over the Gulf of Mexico and never be found.

Update: It looks as if the plane did crash due South of where he bailed-out.

Update 2: The plane this joker trashed was worth about 1.5 million! Maybe he could have helped his financial situation better by just selling it rather than letting it fly into the ground.

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Trooper York said...

I think I saw this movie. Wasn't the guy played by Mat Dillon and the wife by Helen Hunt.

Or was it Jan Micheal Vincent and Kay Lenz.

I always mix them up.