Sunday, January 11, 2009

The shin bone is connected to the knee bone...

On Friday I took a spill while jogging and skinned my knee. Now, on Sunday my lower back hurts.

My question is: Did I actually hurt my back when I fell? Or is it just that my hurt knee has been keeping me from bending at the knee and so I have strained my back by bending at the waist in the last couple of days?

I think it is the latter of these options. My neck and shoulders on one side were sore on Saturday, but not my back, so any fall-related wrenching was showing itself by one day later.

This would all be very academic, but it snowed last night and I am going into a shoveling with some concern.


Trooper York said...

Hey I strained my back when I bent down from the Barcolounger when I dropped a Cheeze doodle.

I feel for you man.

dbp said...

What hurts the worst, is that I have a big hole in the knee of my favorite running pants. My knee will recover, but you know how the fashion industry is, I will never in a million years find the same garment.