Sunday, February 22, 2009

White Hands, What does it mean?

I did my usual 19 miler on Saturday instead of Sunday because the weather scheduled for today, snow then rain then rain and snow...etc, didn't seem like a fun mix to spend 3 hours in.

Saturday was supposed to be great and looked the part, being all bright and sunny. But it was cold, like right about high twenties and into the bottom of the thirties. I started out cold and it took about 30 minutes to warm-up, then I was fine for an hour, but then progressively got chilled for the last hour or so. I think there were two factors: I started at around Noon (the heat of the day) and so it actually did get colder as I went. Second, The prevailing winds were from the North and the end of the run is generally North.

When I get home I usually relax for a bit, drink a lot of fluids & etc. and then take a hot shower about an hour after returning, and that is what I did this time. So, I was a little shocked when I got into the shower and finally noticed that my hands were white. They looked like wax, no hint of pink in them. If I had just come in from outside I wouldn't be concerned, but I had been inside for an hour so I was a little worried. I shook my hands, sort of like a piano player before a concert--in cartoons. This worked, though it was odd looking in that one finger would come back at a time--so I would have one pink finger and the rest still looking like wax.

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