Sunday, April 26, 2009

Groton Road Race

In the first mile...

46 209 DAVID PECCHIA 46 38/262 M 18/102 M4049 CHELMSFORD MA 45:45 7:22

I came in 46th out of 435, but ran about one minute slower than last year. I think there are two good excuses for that: It was really warm this year and I just ran a marathon less than one week ago. I really think the heat accounts for all of it since I came in 57 out of 371 last year. This year's effort puts me in the top 11% and last year's was about 15%. So while my absolute performance went down, my relative performance improved.

What the other numbers up there mean: 38/262 men. 18/102 men in my 40-49 age group.

I did manage to catch and pass this guy before the end.

All pictures from Jim Rhodes The Runner


Anonymous said...

Wow dady that looks so hard! Good job!

dbp said...

Thanks Dahlia,

How did you stumble onto this old post?