Friday, July 17, 2009

Training for this week

misc run 10.6 1:30:57 0:08:35 12-Jul-09 sun

Affy Loop 5.2 39:23:00 7:34:25 13-Jul-09 mon

local 3.5 3.5 27:00:00 7:42:51 14-Jul-09 tue

Half marathon 13.1 1:51:33 0:08:31 15-Jul-09 wed

Affy Loop 5.2 38:50:00 7:28:05 16-Jul-09 thu

Didn't get to run on Friday because I got invited out to lunch--usually run at lunchtime. Guessing I won't go running on Saturday because I normally do a long run on Sunday and want to be fresh for that, plus it is nice to get stuff done on Saturday.

So in conclusion, I can post this now because I know that there will be no more running this week.


Dean said...

Just wanted to throw a shout out to a fellow Iowahawk for Car Czar supporter.

dbp said...

Thanks Dean! Just glad to be part of the groundswell!