Monday, December 21, 2009

A day of a million little things instead of one big thing.

We hatched a plan around a year ago that I was just setting into motion: I would fabricate a desk top and mate it to legs purchased at Ikea. The reason for this is that we didn't know what the final format would be for the new room and so saving the work surface for last would allow us to figure it all out later.

Later finally came and I made the desk top: As has become routine with Ikea, there were missing parts--one of the two T-legs was nowhere to be found. I kept all of the boxes in one spot so there is no chance it was misplaced. I checked the receipt and we did indeed pay for two legs. The only conclusion I can come to is that they didn't give us all of our boxes.

I was tempted to drive all the way down to Stoughton today and get the part, but it is an hour each way and another task awaited me right after noon and this would wipe out the first half of the day. Eh, we will order it after the new year and just say "no" to an hour (each way) to get the part.

Instead of the big drive I...

  • Roasted some coffee since we used the last bean this morning.
  • Realized that we were not out of yeast after all and made some bread dough.
  • Searching for the missing box, I came across some coat hooks I purchased about a year ago. So I made the coat rack for Surenna's bedroom (her sisters each already have one) and installed it.

    The lag-bolts are hidden under the flanges of the coat hooks and counter-sunk because the hooks are solid metal in the back.

  • Picked-up the kids at their various schools and took them to the doctor's for immunisations--the two younger ones were emotional about it but remained compliant.
  • Made pull-apart rolls (half-baked) for Christmas and two pizza crusts for dinner tonight.
  • Even though the desk will have to wait till after the new year for completion, I still spent around an hour sanding it.

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