Thursday, December 17, 2009

The single most unpleasant houshold task

My neighbor and I were having a chat on Thanksgiving day and somehow our wide-ranging conversation turned to the least desirable handy man-type task we have done. He, a liberal, me a conservative; we agree on little--but we were of one mind on this: Changing a kitchen faucet is the least pleasant task.

  • There is no room to work--all the manipulations are in the narrow space between the back of the sink and the wall behind the sink.
  • It is dark and the drain pipes are all in your way.
  • It is wet since you normally only change a faucet once it gets to be a problem.
  • It is messy since your head is below the work and so water and rust fall into your face.
  • It never goes smoothly since the bolts are all rusted into place, or the copper leads kink, or any of many other things go wrong.
  • It is always an emergency--no faucet gets more use, or is more critical to the smooth operation of a household, than the kitchen faucet.

Given all of this, it was with supreme dismay that this evening, at the height of making dinner while my wife was at karate, the faucet sprang a leak. Visions of my last weekend before Christmas spent in miserable frustration danced in my head. Or really, more like clogged on my head. What was especially galling was that I just put the thing in a couple of years ago and if you have ever purchased a faucet you know that they all come with 10, 15, 25 year or lifetime warranties--so it shouldn't be malfunctioning in 2 years! Plus, plus--I just threw away the box after having it sit in the basement all this time. That is where the documentation needed for free replacement would be, so I would pay for a new one and get the fun of putting it in.

Figuring I had little to loose, I set about taking the faucet apart. I got to the very bottom of the thing and found a plastic ring out of position. I adjusted it and then reassembled the thing: Voila, it works now! But I've got my eye on it.


Trooper York said...

Really. I always thought it was fixing a toilet. That really stinks. In every sense of the word.

dbp said...

The toilet is a close # 2. At least you are working from above and there is plenty of room and light--not that you really enjoy what you see, but it helps to get the job done fast.

Surenna P. said...

yuck!! I'm never doing any of that stuff!!

dbp said...

Marry a man who is handy with tools then.