Saturday, January 30, 2010


I had tried my hand at cider making before the trip to India and the results were fine, but the trip ended my production line.

What I had been doing is starting a new batch of 64 oz each week by pouring a little of the previous batch into the new one. To the yeast it must have seemed like escaping from a crowded and polluted slum to rich, verdant and unpopulated countryside. The alcohol and CO2 that are my whole purpose for doing the fermentation are waste products and therefore pollution, from the yeasty standpoint.

I can usually get two 64 oz apple juice bottles for $3.00 and each will give 5 1/3 12 oz servings, so this comes to about 30 Cents/serving. Not bad considering that pre-made cider I buy costs about $ 7.00 for 6.

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