Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Me and the 1984 Woman's Olympic Marathon.

  1. I watched it on television and was thrilled that an American (Joan Benoit) won the first time women were allowed to compete in the event.
  2. I was amazed by the Swiss finisher who, due to heat exhaustion, took 5 minutes to stagger through the last 400 meters.
  3. I met the Swiss woman's (Gabriela "Gaby" Andersen-Schiess) husband. He was the night manager at The Sun Valley Company and I worked the night shift in the housekeeping dept. I noticed the iconic picture of Ms. Andersen-Schiess on his wall and indicated that it was a riveting scene. That is when he mentioned his spousal relationship to her. I would also guess, given his last name is Andersen, that that is the source of the first half of her last name.
  4. Many years later, I was working in Tech Service at Affymetrix, Inc. and I used to run (very occasionally) with a woman who ran in college up in Maine. She knew Joan Benoit from the running community there.

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