Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Hardware, Old Textiles

Back in the day, if you finished a race the prize was a race t-shirt. Now you get the shirt just for signing-up for a race and that is that. Marathons now usually give medals for completing the distance.

The first t-shirt is from 1980 and may well be the oldest garment I own. There is a 28 year gap between the first and second shirt.


Trooper York said...


The oldest garmet I own is my Davey Crokett t-shirt from the Wonderful World of Disney exhibit from the Worlds Fair.

dbp said...

I got to thinking about this and it is easy to see how we start-out by expecting clothes to wear-out. When you are a kid, you run around and engage in rough play, so this destroys clothes. Or you outgrow them. Either way, they come to seem very ephemeral.

Now that I am older I have found that well cared for clothes pretty much last forever. Come to think of it, I still often use a belt buckle from 1976. Yes, a Bicentennial commemorative one. In fairness, it took me around 10 years to find a belt which would let you put your own buckle onto it. But since then, it has been a main member of my lineup--getting used maybe one day out of three.

dbp said...

Trooper, it doesn't really fit with your blog metier, but I would love to see you work a picture of that shirt into one of your story lines.

maybe "Remembrances of things Pabst"?