Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Day Of Three Motorized Devices

The Lawnmower: I made sure it would start before investing the time into taking the blade off for sharpening, reattaching the drive belt and fueling it up. Then I mowed a good part of the lawn.

Weed-whacker: I always get this to start, but had to fill-up both spools with new line. Then trimmed the borders.

Leaf Grinder: Started it first, then hauled it down to the front area to grind-up branches from the pine tree I felled over the Memorial Day weekend. It usually starts, but I like to make sure before moving it around since it is very heavy and our place is hilly. The work was slow, but I got through a substantial volume of branches before running out of fuel. I have more gasoline available but this was a good stopping point since it was just enough time to shower and go to our 2nd grader's portfolio party.

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