Monday, January 03, 2011

Running plan

Last year I kept track of my running via a utility on Facebook and the totals came out as follows:

(8:09.45 per mile) 1386.46mi

I really think that I should be doing 8:00 (or less) per mile since most weeks are at least slightly under that. The problem was that November and December of 2009 I was injured and then I really didn't start running again until we got back from India in the middle of January 2010. I had to do long runs, which are always a bit slow, because the Boston Marathon is in April and so distance training cannot be put-off forever. The problem was that on days when I did short runs, I either couldn't go under 8:00 or it would be only slightly under that. By the end of April, I was up around an average of 8:35/mile and so I worked it down to 8:09 over the course of the year.

Boston is again approaching but 1. I am not injured. 2. I am in better shape since I have been running. So my plan is to do a long run, such as today's 14 miler in 8:35/mile and then not do another long run until I have beaten the average back to 8:00 via short fast runs. I may have to abandon this if I am getting too close to marathon time and not getting in enough long runs, but it is the plan--for now.

December (7:50.1 per mile) 92.69mi

November (7:51.26 per mile) 122.88mi

October (8:02.19 per mile) 147.63mi

September (8:07.75 per mile) 115.69mi

August (7:49.95 per mile) 93.73mi

July (7:52.12 per mile) 93.05mi

June (8:00.28 per mile) 121.95mi

May (7:59.09 per mile) 99.17mi

April (8:27.99 per mile) 98.38mi

March (8:26.77 per mile) 173.98mi

February (8:38.14 per mile) 158.76mi

January (8:31.17 per mile) 68.55mi

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