Monday, January 03, 2011

Two calls: One close, One not.

Two instances today where cars cut me off and there would have been a crash had I not braked.

In the first one, I was going to the middle school to drop-off Dahlia's bass. The visitor parking is toward the end of a circular drive way and on the left--the same side as the school. As I approached the parking spot, I noticed a car parked illegally just before the visitor parking. The lady nonchalantly and without looking, pulled in front of me. I was going slowly, so it was easy to brake and avoid crashing into her. Since I didn't honk my horn, I feel confident that she remains blissfully unaware of the close-call. If we both had our heads in the clouds, then we would have blown the rest of today dealing with towing, insurance and police.

Later, I was driving through a busy part of town and a woman made a left-hand turn to come across oncoming traffic and into my lane just ahead of me. I had to slam-on my brakes and it was still a very close call. It looks like she had pulled into the oncoming lane, thus blocking it, just prior to her stunt. I can only conclude that she is dangerously stupid.

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