Friday, September 26, 2014

Littleton Road Race

I don't feel scrunched-up while I run but usually look that what in finishing pictures--maybe it is just the final bit that gets me.

The girl behind me and the one below were running together for most of the way and if I can bring your attention to their socks, you may see that they are somewhat unusual.  My powers of deduction are not great but observational skills are better.  People who know the girls, they are on the Littleton CC team and the race is in Littleton, were encouraging them by cheering, "Go Batgirl and Robin"!  After that, it is easy to see the theme and how it relates to their socks.

I think Batgirl came in a ways after Robin (18 seconds--14 places) and me since I passed her at about the mid-point in the race and only passed her friend in the last 100 yards.  I didn't really think I could catch either of them because they looked really fast during the race.  There is something about scale (they are smaller than me) that makes it look like they are moving faster than they actually are going.  I passed a guy from their team who was much taller than me and he looked like he was just shuffling along very slowly--so the scaling works in both directions.

As for the results:  I came in 30th overall, 6th among men in our 50's.  Robin was 3rd among all women in the race--so she may well be Littleton's top varsity runner.

Pictures from the Littleton Road Race site, and placements from their link to coolrunning.

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