Monday, March 17, 2008

Too late to enlist?

A friend had asked me how old one can be and still join the military. He probably asked me because I had been in the Marine Corps. The thing is, I had no idea what the answer was--I joined when I was 18.

Well, I looked it up: You can be up to 42 to enlist and up to 35 to take a commission. The younger age for officers is because they want you to be able to put in 20 years and you have to retire at 55.


If I was still single and had never served before (and was under 42!) I would consider signing up. I bet there would be a novel in it. In researching this, I came across the story of Kristi Jo Newland. A very inspiring woman and a reminder of why we are a great country: We have people like that and lots of them!


She is EVIL said...

What a joke. Kristi Jo Newland left her kids with a husband of less than a year and with whom she and her children had known only a few months prior to her marrying. Basically, she left her kids with a stranger. A stranger who the children to don't feel comfortable around. A stranger who left them alone many times to fend for themselves while thier mother was off pursuing her dreams. Some dreams. Now a little over two years later...she has quit college. The whole reason, or so she says for joining the military. She also has lost her job at Altru. She is not even working in the medical field.The real reason she joined? Military money. Money she used for breast augumentation and botox.

She says that when she was a "single mom" she worked three to four jobs just to make ends meet. That is not the case. She has been recieving a very large amount of money each month in child support. Money that goes to booze and other extra-curricular activities and not to the kids.

The kids have a father. A very devoted father. She did not raise the children on her own. In fact, the oldest child never lived with Kristi. She chose to stay with her father after the divorce. And, now a little over two years later the other children have opted to live with thier father as well. What does that say about her??? She puts her own wants before anybody else. I have never met anyone as selfish as this women who paints herself out to be some sort of saint and a women who feeds off pitty. I just thought you might be interested in knowing the real Kristi Jo Newland.

dbp said...

Thanks for the information. The newspaper article didn't mention any of what you have brought up here.