Thursday, May 29, 2008

Double Daylight Savings!

I don't want to re-hash all the good reasons for having daylight savings. I like it and think it is great because there is more daytime after work.

Here is the thing though: We start DLST this year on March 9th and sunrise thus goes from 6:12 AM to 7:11 AM. All is well, but by April 24th sunrise is back to 6:12AM. At this point why not advance the clock another hour? The days keep getting longer for a couple of months and then shorten back to a sunrise of 6:12 on August 11th. At that point we could go back to single daylight savings and then proceed as normal until the next April.

Whatever the benefit of daylight savings, wouldn't there be just as much additional benefit for the almost 4 months of DDLS? You could get up around dawn, work all day, come home and then still have like 5 hours more daylight. You can mow the lawn, have an outdoor cook-out, go for a swim or play some tennis. What is not to like about that? Note: The Sunrise times are for the Los Angeles area and come from Griffith Observatory, Location: W118° 17'54.0", N34° 07'06.0"

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