Friday, March 20, 2009

A Driver Who Was No Geometer

I came to an empty intersection today which was at the end of a single lane, but widened into two lanes for turning. I was in the right-hand one and soon after I got there another car came into the left-hand one. He drove well past me to the point that I could not see if traffic was approaching from the left.

So I pulled a little further forward.

He responded by moving forward again, such that he blocked my view again. He was too late though: I had seen a break in traffic and was able to make my turn and be on my way.

Here is why I think the other driver was an ass:

  • Fairness: I got there first. I should have to wait till he goes before I get a chance? I would have to wait if I didn't move forward.
  • Geometry: I needed to see cars coming from the closer lane--almost exactly 90 degrees angle from me. He needed to look at both lanes: The left was unobstructed for him, but the right was 10 feet further away and therefore his angle was obtuse.

My irritation was acute.

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