Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mamma gets sweet revenge

Towards the end of dinner tonight, my wife glanced into the kitchen, seemed to do a double take, looked around the table and then said, "That was weird, I thought I saw someone in the kitchen".

Me: "Maybe this is the first sign of MS".

Various girls: "What is MS"?

"Multiple skull roaches", I replied. "No really it is multiple sclerosis", I said and then went on at length about wires and insulation and how nerves were like wires and they let you feel things and control your body. Their insulation is fatty material called meyelin and MS was where this insulation breaks-down. The result is loss of ability to control your body and think clearly. I am not sure if hallucinations are part of the mix, but I am not an MD so MS is all that came to mind at the time.

Dinner wound-down and my wife was the first to get up and bus her dish into the kitchen. Just when she was out of eye-shot she exclaimed, "Oh! Hello there"! Even I did a double-take. The kids went into hysterics, ran into the kitchen and even though they saw that nobody was there, stayed shaken for some minutes. I almost couldn't stop laughing.

She got us. Oh yes, she did!

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Trooper York said...

Hey that's not nice. There are Spirits in the night.

The kids have to watch for them...they are there I tell ya.