Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Things to do with your Mom & Aunt in Boston

Friday: Wife took them and the kids to Rockport--Visited shops, ate seafood, went to the beach and visited shops.

Saturday: Walked around Walden Pond and then tour of the DeCordova museum.

Sunday: Tour of the Christian Science Mother Church,

tour of Faneuil Hall and Duck boat tour.

Dahlia sees our reflection.

Surenna drives the Duck.

Monday: Wife took the ladies to Sleepy Hollow cemetary and later we had a seafood extravaganza (Homemade).


Trooper York said...

Hey I took the Duck Boat Tour. The guide was really proud of the autographs he had from the Bosox players who rode in the victory parade in his duck. He had Veriteck and Millar and Johnny Damon.

Of course after I left he had a new one by Derek Jeter. I wonder if he noticed it?

dbp said...

Heh. That reminds me of what happened when we were out in the middle of the Charles River. The guide asked everyone where they were from and two places were of note: We said we were from Chelmsford and the guide cracked, "Uh, did you fly here"? The way I drive, yeah sorta we did. Some people were from New York and so he asked if they were Yankee fans. Of course they were. He cut the engine and said, "Get out"! "Seriously". and then after a pause, "Okay, you can stay".