Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last Training Run, till the big race.

But it felt like the last run I ever want to do: I did about 6.5 miles and at the 9 minute mark began to do intervals: 90 seconds of sprint followed by 90 seconds of recovery. I did 14 of these cycles by the time I got to the end and I was wrecked. Then, my wife was just heading-out for her lunchtime walk with the dog. She got me to join her but 1/4 mile into it she revealed her plan--to run with the dog. She ended up jogging pretty much the whole two miles. It was not fun, though probably good for me as a cool-down. Of course the company was welcome and she set a new PR for making it all the way up a big hill at a run.

The big race is large for a couple of reasons: There will be around 25,000 (official) runners, about 1,000,000 spectators and not least--the darn thing is 26.2 miles long.

Note: I may in fact go for a jog between now and the race but it will not be any great distance or speed--just a kind of stay loose thing. Also, I am number 11442 and you can set-up free email or text updates here

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