Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some change seem to be pointless--at least to me.

A couple of days back our dishwasher STB and we needed a new one--we heard it coming since it had started making an unprecedented noise for the last month or so. One remembers quickly how much of a pain it is to wash dishes by hand and we create a lot of dirty dishes. I figure that over the life of the last machine (7 years) we did 10 loads per week, so figure 3,500 loads total.

We ordered a new one yesterday and it came today. I had earlier today removed the old one and especially remembered to salvage the L-Connector/adapter. You see, rather than just having the inlet to dishwashers be a 3/8" pressure fitting like what everyone has, they require you to buy the adapter. So, I was ahead of the game since I saved the one from last time. Nope! They changed the inlet to a 3/4" hose connection. Wonderful! The local hardware store didn't even have it but the next town over did,-so I blew an hour going out there, getting it and returning home.

What was sort-of my fault was forgetting that dishwasher makers do not include a wire clamp on the electric box. This is something I could have salvaged off of the old one, except that the delivery guys had already hauled it off. Luckily I had one, though it did take a while to find it.

The last irritant was with the mounting brackets: They used to come already attached to the machine. Now you have to do it yourself and it took me an extra ten minutes to decipher how.

A job that should have taken me an hour was stretched-out to 3-4. It is done and hopefully will not leak, short-out or give any other problems for a while.

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