Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yesterday's run

I was a little ambivalent about how fast I should go on this last training run. On one hand, a really fast time would provide encouragement for the marathon, which is Monday after next. On the other, at this late stage it is probably best not to push too hard since there is only about a week to recover. I split things down the middle: Pushed hard enough to run the thing in sub-8 miles, but not by very much. I got good conditioning out of it, a small amount of confidence-boost and I should recover in time for the race.

One thing that helps about this course is that I expect to take around 1 hour and 45 minutes (this time 1:43:55) so the run can be divided into 7, 15-minute segments:
  1. Home to Dahlia's friend Fanny's place (on the bike path just before the Westford line,
  2. Then the end of the bikepath,
  3. The start of curve road
  4. The end of curve road, where it hits Concord road
  5. The end of Concord road where it hits Rt 4
  6. Rt 4 through town and to the bikepath
  7. The bikepath back home through the swim and tennis club.

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