Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Last LSD until the race

It was 20.6 miles done at a pace of about 8:33 and I have to say it felt much slower.

I left home under overcast skies and it was warm so I wouldn't have worn my raincoat even if I hadn't forgotten it at work. Two miles out it began to rain gently and kept it up for the next 10 miles. I lost some time because my wet t-shirt was irritating me and so I took it off and carried it. I have a million of these, so I should have just thrown it away--even though I wrung it out, it was still pretty heavy and prevented me from swinging whichever arm was holding it. Also, I waited a couple of minutes at two different busy intersections--I didn't deduct this time since in theory the rest it gave me allowed for a faster pace just after the wait.

I should be starting to taper and so today's workout is the last really long distance till the race.

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