Tuesday, July 08, 2008

At the movies...

I mentioned before that we all went to see WALL-E. Lileks has a great review here, but I have a few observations of my own.

Anybody of a certain age, who also has a memory, must have noticed that people (especially kids) are much fatter than they used to be. Even now, there are places which have a higher concentration of fat than others--for instance, movies have a lot of fat people.

So when the movie showed all the Humans as practically crippled by their fat and sloth, it was a little uncomfortable. Kind of like watching a "racy" movie with your parents. What made it even worse is that even the fit enjoy snacking at the movies, and WALL-E showed the people constantly snacking.

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Trooper York said...

I don't think that the increase in fat kids is really due to diet. It is do to the play date syndrome where kids have to arrange to go over someones house to play and often end up just playing video games. When I was a kid when school ended in June we were thrown out on the street to play and run around and get in trouble until September. We were too busy playing stoop ball and stick ball and ring-a-leevio and smoking cigarettes and swiping beer to get fat. These kids today.

HEEEYYYY YYOOOOO!!!! Get offa my lawn!!!!!1