Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Salty snacks and gourmet food

While watching a Food Channel show last night on how salty snacks are made, I was struck with a thought: (no not the novelty of having a thought)It is easier for a person at home to make chicken courdon-blu than a Cheeto--or even a Cheerio. And we call them junk food, I say call them miracle food.

From a practical standpoint, what could I do if Cheetos were discontinued? That will never happen, right? Well what about Buc-Wheats cereal?

It was my favorite, have you seen it in the store lately? And don't get me started on Hydrox cookies...Although I hear they are coming back!


Trooper York said...

New York City is the home of the Tastyee Cake which was taken over by a big comglomerate somewhere. But nothing beat a big swill roll and a grape soda when you were a kid. Plus ring dings and devil dogs. Now imagine the marketing meetings. "I want to create a tasty cake treat and name it after the devil." Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Trooper York said...

Personally I am not big on sweet snacks anymore. I have to cut down so any calories will be used in a sandwich. That's why late at night when the wife goes for a bowl of ice cream I hit the fridge for a cold sausage and peppers hero.

Hey I said I was tying to cut down. Trying! Ok. Jeeeez.